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What Makes Wikipedia So Dominating?

It is to be said with all confidence and without a doubt that Wikipedia dominates the internet and is always the top landing point for seekers who want a genuine response to their questions. Wikipedia is huge and brings numerous advantages for the brands/ companies and even individual profiles in terms of ranking, credibility, and acknowledgment, so people don't miss out on showing their highest performance here.

Wikipedia stands as the fifth most viewed website in the world, so we can get an idea of the trust of people in it for information. For this reason, Google, "the giant," also gives Wikipedia a top position and is quite favorable to it. When a person or a company is there on Wikipedia, they instantly hold authority over the others. However, the increase in demand and awareness among the people regarding its presence has made Wikipedia set guidelines and make it tough to publish the page. But, that's not definitely the case when you work with Wiki Federation.

Wikipedia's Dominance Over Google

There has been a discussion for so many years about why google loves Wikipedia so much and that Wikipedia ranks no 1 on Google's first page, and this is because Wikipedia fulfills the demand of google and SEO well. With unique content, keywords-specific webpages, strong domain authority, and everything that google asks for are met by Wikipedia.

Need For Every Business And Company To Excel

Seeing the peak of success through Wikipedia, whether a big or small company, each one of it now plans to have a presence on Wikipedia because the growth and hype of the company, in some way or other, depend upon Wikipedia.

Source Of An Individual Verification

Keeping the high number of profiles of millions of sources, it becomes hard for people to trust. Therefore, your page on Wikipedia makes you a verified source, and people don't hesitate to approach you.

What Benefits Come Your
Way With Wikipedia Presence?

Today, no brand, company, or professional exists that can go without having a presence on Wikipedia because it has become a necessity and give one profile authority and a massive reach. Therefore, it has hardly become impossible for companies and other public figures to go without appearing on Wikipedia.

Highest Ranking
Among Competitors

Having a Wikipedia page gives you the highest place and makes you stand strong against your competitors. Not everyone shows up on Wikipedia, and maybe your competitor is still absent from this website master, so take advantage and gain the highest ranking on the internet by creating a page on Wikipedia.


One of the most prestigious benefits that one avails after creating a page on Wikipedia is getting an increase in reputation. Without a doubt, Wikipedia is a highly trusted and giant platform that no individual is unaware of.


You don't directly market yourself on Wikipedia, but by showing a presence on the biggest website and targeting a million audience, you indirectly market yourself or your brand and enjoy sales being in your favor.


It has to be agreed upon that having a page on Wikipedia makes you a credible source. Because a lot of information already exists on the internet, it has become difficult for people to rely upon a source. But when the information is taken from Wikipedia, it becomes easy for people to trust.

The Wikipedia Services That
Make Your Profile Stands Strong

You must want a Wikipedia page created, and you surely want to portray dominancy over competitors. But do you know creating a page isn't just enough? Your Wikipedia page undergoes some other processes that are much needed for the page. Wiki Federation is here to provide you with all the basic yet exceptional services.

  • 01 Page Creation

    Get your page created by experts. It takes a long time for others in the creation process, but our experts get it done for you on the go.

  • 02 Research & Copywriting

    Impress the readers instantly. Our creative and professional writers make your Wikipedia page worth reading with their magical content. Also, they go through a thorough research process.

  • 03 Page Translation

    Get your Wikipedia page translated into multiple languages so that you can target the masses and no one stays deprived of knowing your amazing services.

  • 04 Page Editing

    Your page may undergo the slightest error and still can't stay on your page. Therefore, we provide you with our page editing service that fixes even the smallest things.

  • 05 Maintenance & Monitoring

    Maintenance & Monitoring stands as one of the important services in the Wikipedia process. You can't leave your page unmonitored after its creation. Therefore, we provide you with an expert and vigilant maintenance & monitoring service.

  • 06 Page Update

    Keep your Wikipedia page continuously updated. There may come a change in your profile or your field that needs to go up. So, with our page update service, your information stays updated.

Make Them Stop & Study Your Profile! Let Our Experts Do The Magic For You

Are you in the urge to get the perfect Wikipedia page that speaks on your behalf and communicates your message to them without you saying? Then what are you waiting for? Contact us today!


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6 Steps, Easy Procedure Of Getting
Your Wikipedia Page Ready!

Are you new in the world of Wikipeia, and wondering how does this process go by? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you. these 6 steps process helps in the creation of a successful page.


Before you go for the account creation, make sure you have done sufficient work on the research.

Create An Account

The next step is account creation, where you provide the basic information, set username and password, and are done.

Add Existing Pages

Evaluate your skills by making small changes to the existing page and then add them to your page

Put Your Sources

Don't miss out on citing the third-party sources from where you have taken the information for verification.

Bring in the Content

Now you are ready to write the content for your page. There is a Wikipedia interface where you can write directly.

Submit Page & Review

Once done with all the steps, submit your page to Wikipedia for review, which may take a few weeks.

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